I was fortunate to group up on a small ranch in southern California, and I have resided in Sonoma County since 2015.  I have always appreciated and sought out lizards, specifically the western fence lizards (aka "blue bellies") that are abundant throughout the state, as well as birds, mammals, and most other creatures.   The natural world fascinates me, and I take pleasure in familiarizing myself with the local wildlife and plantlife.  Nature is wondrous and beautiful, and we are a part of it, although it can be easy to forget.   Moving to northern California has exposed me to a wide variety of intriguing and magnificent birds, and I've found myself wandering through forests and lagoons seeking them out with my camera.  I created this website because I want to share my better pictures with others who also appreciate the animals we are so lucky to be surrounded by here. The pictures in the Birds, Mammals, Lizards, and other similar categories were taken in and around Sonoma County.  Pictures from other locales are in the Places section.

I also enjoy traveling, admiring the architecture and observing people going about their daily lives in different cultures and meeting new positive people.  You can find pictures from some of my trips in the Places section.

Thank you for taking the time to view my website, and I hope you enjoy what you see.

Glenn Hunter





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